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As rats cavort on the road outside, 22-year-old Niken tells me that she came from the Indramayu village of Patrol when she was 19 at the suggestion of a friend. Her Mami encouraged her to borrow cash to help her sick father and pay the “other needs” of her family.
Niken has sex for just 120,000 to 150,000 rupiah ($12 to $15) and relies entirely on Mami to inform her when her loan is paid. The debt makes it virtually impossible for her to change pimps. “If the family needs more, I’ll have to borrow for that, too,” Niken says. As for condoms: “I always offer it, but only about half the clients want to use them. They say it doesn’t feel good. Two days ago I took tests and, thank God, I was still healthy.”
Her friend, Yuli, 20, offers discounts for men who are willing to use protection, but agrees to unprotected sex anyway: “What can I do? I need the money.”
Of everyone we meet we ask one question: why Indramayu? The first answer is typical of Indonesia, where supposed regional characteristics are typically blamed for problems rather than institutional failings. “It’s consumerism, it’s their culture,” says Syarifudin. “They want to show off and they don’t care where the money comes from.”
The girls themselves say it’s about the economy. But Indramayu is far from the poorest region in Indonesia, and education is comparably poor in many places.
What seems to set this place apart is its proximity to Jakarta and a well-established local culture of sex trafficking. The first girls, it’s said, left in the 1980s. When they returned to their villages for the annual Muslim homecoming, Idul Fitri, they were walking advertisements for the cash and glamour of professional sex. A network of pimps, channellers and loan sharks spread the word until sex for sale became an economic mainstay with very little stigma attached.
Now, many who left seeking glamour and pallor and wealth have already come home to die.
“You stop doing this either because you get married or you get sick,” says Sunenti, who has AIDS. “Others stop because they die. At least, that’s the story for many that I know.”
How To Hire A Hooker (Or Prostitute, Or Masseuse, Whatever)
Buying a hooker is tougher than you might think.
I know. I tried three times before I finally succeeded, and even that was kind of a fiasco. And one of those attempts wasn’t even for me .
You see, one night in a drunken state, my friends Ryan and Bryan suddenly revealed to me that they had this fantasy about double-dogging some bimbo together. This was a surprise, but the bigger surprise was that they wanted me to subsidize their fantasy – they wanted me to participate and triple -dog a prostitute with them. Considering that the two of them were built like scrawny chihuahuas with chronic bronchitis, the thought of the two of them attempting to mount a hooker brought to mind images of gang-rape by a bunch of wire hangers.
But it turned that they didn’t want me because I was a brawny he-man with a cock the size of a vodka bottle… it’s because they thought I had enough money to buy the call girl. I didn’t. However, they kept bugging me over and over again that I must have the money, they were so horny, they needed someone… so I offered to procure the prostitute for them as a compromise, saving them the trouble of actually finding one. I began to leaf through the local paper’s “hot massage” section.
It ended in disaster, of course. The first call ended abruptly when Ryan slapped the phone out of his hand. “Don’t use my name! ” he said hoarsely. The second time I used Bryan’s name…. and then Bryan panicked. I hung up. I might have had some success the third time using pseudonyms for the both of them, but then Ryan refused to give out his address, apparently not realizing that the prostitute wasn’t simply going to wander around the east side of town until he showed up.
The fourth time I called a transsexual and actually spoke to a real person, and could have actually hired him to satiate Ryan and Bryan’s feverish desires… but my tender conscience wouldn’t let me pull a Crying Game on these two bozos. Besides, Bryan was my ride home. We spen the rest of the evening ignoring the increasingly eager messages left by the transsexual, who was apparently having a bad night and looking to pick up some business.
But in that moment I realized that there was a gray area that’s not written about: How does one pick up a hooker? I mean, I’m all for women’s rights… but I know there’s a lot of guys that just aren’t getting any nookie without money or a hit album on their resume. Some guys have to pay for it. And so, in the spirit of commerce, I offer The Ferrett’s Tips For Picking Up Hookers.
You might think that the streetwalkers are the easiest to find – after all, they’re easy to find, they’re relatively anonymous, and they take cash.
Think again, my friend.
For one thing, spotting hookers is a lot tougher than it seems – well, in small towns, anyway. In New York and Las Vegas, it’s a bit different. In large cities, hookers flock together like those little birds that clean hippos’ teeth on the Serengeti. They’re happy to yell out en masse , calling out like squawking ravens – Blowjob! Blowjob! Blowjob! they cry, and it echoes throughout the streets, loud enough to wake apartment dwellers up out of a sound sleep, which is just one of those nice little touches that adds so much atmosphere to living in a big town.

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Prostitution is not hidden from police, Haggstrom insists, pointing out that in order to get buyers, sellers have to advertise. A 2015 report by the national coordinator against prostitution and trafficking found that ads for escort services had increased to 6,965 that year from 304 in 2007.
The print and online ads are how police find sex buyers. They track the ads daily, placing a priority on those with the youngest-looking women.
Acting as buyers, they set up a “date” and find out the location. Once there, they cancel the arrangement and then stake out the site, arresting the men as they leave.
These days, prostitutes frequently meet clients in apartments that owners have put up for vacation rentals or are listed on Airbnb.
There are weaknesses in the system.
The 2015 review found that one of the unintended consequences of the policy is increased support for criminalizing prostitutes, currently at 48 per cent of all Swedes; 59 per cent of women and 38 per cent of men.
The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education has suggested that the law has increased both stigma and discrimination, putting prostitutes in a more precarious position. However, the group has opposed legalization and instead has been pressing for changes to address those unintended consequences.
Haggstrom admits that another consequence is that Swedish men now are more likely to become sex tourists. Unlike Canada, Sweden does not have an extraterritorial law that allows it to prosecute Swedish offenders for sex crimes committed abroad. However, he says it’s under discussion.
The counselling program for sex buyers — even repeat offenders — is voluntary, not mandatory. Again, Haggstrom says the government is considering changing that.
Also, only Swedish citizens are eligible for government-funded programs aimed at helping them exit the sex trade. Foreigners are referred for help to non-governmental agencies.
So what’s happening in Vancouver? It’s definitely not like Sweden. But that’s for another day.
"Experts": Serbia Should Follow Bulgaria Prostitution, Sex Tourism Model.
Image by
Serbian “experts” believe that Serbia should follow Bulgaria’s model of handling the prostitution and sex tourism industries in order to raise state revenue.
According to publications in the Serbian media quoted by the BGNES news agency, the cited “experts” estimated that the country’s state budget could raise additional revenue of over EUR 500 M from changes in its approach to prostitution.
They believe that the additional benefits of finding a way to legalize the prostitution would also boost the local economy and turn Serbia into a country with “regulated sex tourism”.The prostitutes in Serbia are believed to be about 40 000.
The Chair of the Association of Night Clubs, Slavoljup Veljkovic, is quoted as saying that the prostitution industry in Serbia commanded enormous sums of money, pointing out that one prostitute could “serve” about ten men per night, and that the prostitutes did not have vacations and days off.
Veljkovic is quoted as calling for adopting the Bulgarian experience where “each year officially the Bulgarian prostitutes makes at least EUR 1,8 B, which is 7,2% of the country’s GDP”. According to his calculations, the Serbian prostitutes were no worse, and could make at least EUR 1,5 B per year.
Economist Goran Nikolic is quoted as saying that a large amount of money would be raised by the state if prostitution was legalized, pointing out that this sort of industry existed anyway.
He believes that foreigners associated Serbia with pretty women in general, and that they would feel better if they could be with Serbian prostitutes in a legal way, and to know that they were protected by the law. This sort of regulated sex tourism, in his words, is also going to bring down the prices because there would be no intermediaries for the service.
Contrary to what the Serbian experts imply, Bulgaria has no legal texts legalizing the prostitution in any way. The publication most likely refers to the existence of escort – or “companion” – services in Bulgaria, many of which are reported to serve as a cover for prostitution services. Those clubs or firms are registered as commercial entertainment companies and they indeed pay the respective corporate taxes.
However, their legal documents have no mention of “prostitution” as “subject of activity” precisely because the prostitution is illegal, according to Bulgarian legislation.
Is Sex Work an Expression of Women’s Choice and Agency?
Should sex work ‘be understood as legitimate work, and an expression of women’s choice and agency’ (Jeffreys 2009: 316)?
Jeffreys (2009) explicitly illustrates why sex work cannot be understood as legitimate work or as an expression of women’s ‘choice and agency’. She makes her argument with radical feminist, abolitionist, and essentialist discourse, placing women’s bodies at the centre of her analysis (Jeffreys, 2009: 317). This essay shall systematically discuss the title question looking at the complexities of both liberal and radical feminist arguments. Though acknowledging that sex work takes many forms, this essay will focus on prostitution. Firstly, it will consider whether one can identify prostitution as ‘legitimate work’, followed by discussing whether or not prostitution as a profession offers women ‘choice’ and ‘agency’ or instead, embodies coercion, a last resort and ‘disembodied agency’ (Miriam, 2005). By examining case studies which document the experiences of prostitutes in Serbia (Djordjevic, 2008), Victoria (Sullivan, 2005) and Zambia (Agha and Nchima, 2004) and through scrutinising both ‘abolitionist’ and ‘sex work’ arguments, I reach the conclusion and firmly argue that sex work cannot, and should not be understood as ‘legitimate work’. I argue this on the following basis: first, sex work is inherently harmful to prostitutes; second, prostitution inexorably embodies patriarchy and male subordination over women; and finally, in the majority of cases, prostitution is a very limited ‘choice’. Nonetheless, I am sensitive to Djordjevic and Ditmore’s (2008) liberal arguments, which illustrates some of the harms that arise when prostitution is strictly illegal. They argue it is essential to work with prostituted individuals to improve regulation and the conditions women, transsexuals and men, currently work in. I conclude by proposing the Swedish method as the pre-eminent method to address prostitution – for although abolitionist, it is sensitive to the complexities of the abolitionist paradigm.

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I want to impress the escort and show her a good time. What’s the best way to get her to come?
Is sex with an escort and impersonal experience?
Do escorts enjoy sex, or are they just doing it for the money?
Am I going to get AIDS or VD?
Paying money or getting it for free has nothing to do with disease. If you get it for free you are more likely to get a disease without a condom than you are from a call girl with a condom. And free sex is more often done without condoms than pay sex.
What if she doesn’t like me? How can I compete with hundreds of other guys she’s fucked?
If I call an escort at 2:30 am on the last Sunday in October when they turn the clocks back an hour, do I get the extra hour with her?
I caught my husband with an escort. Should I divorce him?
You have to remember that we are the product of billions of years of sexual evolution. We are the decedents of those who do not have self control. President Clinton, for example, got a blow job even though he new it was the wrong thing to do at the time he did it. Does that mean he loves is wife and daughter less because of it? Does that mean he’s not a good husband and father? No, it doesn’t. If your husband has been good to you, work it out. If that’s your only problem you should consider yourself lucky and be thankful you don’t have big problems.
Although we are trained differently, sex with another woman, especially an escort is no big deal. If he beat you, that’s a big deal. If he abuses the kids, drinks in the morning, is addicted to drugs, commits crimes, has cancer, can’t hold a job, or is angry and violent, that’s a big deal. Forgive and forget, don’t break up your family over it.
How do I know she isn’t a cop?
If she stays with sex for money then explain that you’re not interested in agreeing to sex for money and ask her to leave. She’s either very stupid or a cop. And you don’t want to try to fuck a cop. Generally the police are after the hookers and not the johns. She has more reason to worry if you’re a cop. And you don’t want to scare her off by saying “sex for money”.
Can I date escorts on the side?
If I start seeing escorts, how will it affect my dating regular women.
Isn’t it kind of expensive when I can get it for free?

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