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A New Way to Pay Old Debts (c. 1621)
a comedy by Massinger.
Set in London. The central villain is the cruel, avaricious Sir Giles Overreach (the names are emblematic, and foreshadow those used in Fielding’s Tom Jones ) who has robbed his nephew Frank Wellborn of his property. A rich widow, Lady Allworth, helps Wellborn by pretending she will marry him; this changes Overreach’s attitude toward him. Overreach has a daughter, Margaret, who is in love with Tom Allworth, Lady Allworth’s stepson and page to Lord Lovell. Overreach wants Margaret to marry Lord Lovell. Lord Lovell pretends to agree, but tricks her father and in fact arranges for Tom Allworth to marry her. Overreach goes mad at this, and on being told that he must return Frank Wellborn’s property. Wellborn becomes an officer in Lord Lovell’s regiment, Lord Lovell marries Lady Allworth.
A Woman Killed with Kindness (1603)
a tragedy by Heywood.
Set in Yorkshire (England). Anne and John Frankford are happily married but Wendoll, a villainous friend, has no difficulty in seducing Anne while John is away. The servants inform her husband, who discovers them asleep in bed together after pretending to leave on another journey. Meanwhile a friend, Sir Charles Mountford, has been ruined and imprisoned after gambling with Anne’s brother, Sir Francis Acton, who hates him yet desires Mountford’s sister Susan. Acton pays Mountford’s debt so that he can leave prison, Susan explains it is on account of his feelings for her. Mountford decides that honour demands he repay Acton at once, but he has no money and asks Susan to be the "pawn" or pledge and marry Acton. She accepts for honour’s sake. Acton is overwhelmed at their sincerity and swears friendship to Mountford, true devotion to Susan. Discovered with Anne, Wendoll runs away while John Frankford confronts his wife with her guilt. She has no excuse. His response is deeply moving, not anger but tears. He sends her away to live in another house of his, forbidding her ever to see him or their children again. She is to take with her everything she ever used; after her departure a lute she played is found and sent after her. She plays it by the wayside, then has it broken. Wendoll reappears, Anne flees. He decides to go travelling abroad and then seek his fortune at court. Anne resolves to eat nothing. As she is dying, her husband comes for a last encounter in which they are reconciled in forgiveness. She dies.
The Shoemakers Holiday (1599)
a comedy by Dekker.
Set in London. Rowland Lacy is a relative of the earl of Lincoln. He loves Rose, whose father is lord mayor of London. The ear; disapproves, sends Lacy to France, but he returns disguised as a Dutch shoemaker and becomes a servant in the house of Simon Eyre who supplies shoes to the lord mayor. Cheerful and eccentric, Eyre is the play’s central "character". The marriage of Lacy and Rose finally takes place, despite the parents’ attempts to block it; the king pardons the young couple. Eyre becomes the new lord mayor of London.
Antonio and Mellida and Antonio’s Revenge (1599)
Set in Italy. Antonio is son of Andrugio, duke of Genoa. He loves Mellida, daughter of Piero, duke of Venice. Venice defeats Genoa in war, Antonio and Andrugio flee, Venice offers a reward for their capture. Antonio comes to Piero’s court in disguise to see Mellida and they elope, but Mellida is captured. Andrugio surrenders to Piero and asks Piero to accept the marriage. He seems to agree, the first part ends happily. In the second play Piero reveals his true nature. He kills Andrugio and arranges for Mellida to be dishonoured so that the marriage cannot take place. He plots Antonio’s death and successfully woos Andrugio’s widow. Mellida dies of a broken heart. Andrugio’s ghost appears to Antonio, demanding revenge. Antonio pretends to be a fool; he kills Piero.
The Malcontent (1604)
a tragi-comedy by Marston.
Set in Genoa. The Duke of Genoa, Altofronto, has been banished and Pietro Jacomo has taken his place. Altofronto returns disguised as Malevole, a systematic "malcontent" or cynical observer of life. He tells Pietro that his wife Aurelia is deceiving him, to torment him. At the same time, he observes how the "Machiavellian" Mendoza is plotting to take power, banish Aurelia, whose servant he is, and even marry Altofronto’s own wife, Maria. After much villainy, in which the court is shown in a very satiric way as full of lust, greed and corruption, Pietro comes to repent ever having made himself Duke; Altofronto reveals himself, they expose Mendoza and regain their wives.
The Dutch Courtesan (1604?)
a comedy by Marston.
Freevill is deeply involved with the "Dutch Courtesan" Franceschina but he is about to marry Beatrice, daughter of Sir Hubert Subboys and decides to break with Franceschina. He introduces her to his friend Malheureux who at once desires her. Humiliated, she promises to submit to him if he kills Freevill and bring her a ring he has received from Beatrice. The two friends pretend to quarrel, Freevill vanishes, the ring is brought to Franceschina. She goes off to inform Freevill’s father and Beatrice’s father of what has happened. Malheureux is arrested and condemned to die. At the last moment, Freevill appears and explains he has done this to cure Malheureux of his passion. Franceschina is whipped and imprisoned.


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