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Mongering in Hong Kong – Best Locations.
OK, so now will break this post down into 2 parts, by location, and I will tell you what kind of action is there and what the ethnicity of ladies you will most likely be poking. There are two areas of Hong Kong where all of the action is; Wan Chai and Kowloon. Both have their appeal, it really just depends what your style is. Wan Chai caters to white men and other foreigners, while Kowloon caters more to Hong Kong-Chinese, although foreigners are more than welcome to partake.
I will break Kownloon into 3 sub-sections; Tsim Tsa Shui, Temple Street, and Yau Ma Tei, which is the region between the Jordan and Prince Edward MTR stations. Regardless of which part you decide to go to, both are easily accessible by public transportation and aren’t that far apart from one another. There’s no need to take a cab, which are pricey, unless you really want to.
You have three areas in Kowloon where p4p action is readily available;
Yau Ma Tei, which is the area between the Jordan (south) and Prince Edward (north) MTR stations.
Tsim Tsa Shui (pronounced, Chim-Cha-Shway)
There are two stations in the TTS area. East Tsim Tsa Shui and Tsim Tsa Shui they are very close to each other, but are completely different lines. On Nathan Road there is a building called Chungking Mansions that is rather infamous for it’s cheap hostels, Indian touts and Africans. This is the breeding ground of all the sleaze-filled fun in the area.
At night you can find several African FLs, the quality is certainly hit or miss tho. I fucked a Ugandan broad I met in this area who was actually sweet and very cute, but I wouldn’t say she is the norm. The going rate for these chicks is $300, but they will initially ask for a lot more, so now you know.
There are also a good number of ladies in the area offering massages, all of them are Chinese, some look good, and some are very old. I have never gone with one of these ladies, but knowing HK like I do, extra services are available.
You will also find on the websites (posted above) that there are a few walk-ups in the area as well. I haven’t tried any of them, but I imagine they are similar to the ones between Jordan and Prince Edward.
Finally, there are a good number of restaurants and regular pubs in the TTS area; almost all of the staff will be Filipino so communication is not a problem. Most of the bars DO add on a %10 service charge to your bill. Places like Hair of the Dog and Fatt’s Place are ones that I frequent. If you want solid Mexican food Tequila Jack’s is good too.
Temple Street, Hong Kong.
Temple Street is a night market that is just North of the Jordan MTR station and West of Nathan Road. On both sides of the street itself there will be vendor stalls on both sides selling all kinds of shit. ALL of the fun lurks on the sidewalks behind these stalls. You will see many PRC freelancers in this area just standing around. These women typically DO NOT speak English and A LOT of them won’t even acknowledge a foreigner. Some of the women you see in this area are very good looking so trust me you will be tempted to approach them. I know they charge the HK-Chinese men around $200, but I was quoted $300 once AND she didn’t have her own room so I passed.
So you’re a Cheap Charlie you say. Well, Temple Street is your playground! Aside from the PRC freelancers you will see ANCIENT Chinese ladies sitting on stools next to doorways that lead to stairs that look like those in a horror movie. These lovely old ladies are running brothels. These brothels have Thai ladies and are damn cheap with a going rate of only $150-160. Most of these brothels have at least 3 women, sometimes as many as 5 or 6.
These old ladies won’t solicit you, because these brothels are illegal, but will be more than happy to take you upstairs if you ask them, “have lady?” It all looks a lot shadier than it really is. I have done this several times and never had any problems with the service or being overcharged. Considering how cheap it is, I’ll admit that at first I wasn’t sure if these chicks were trafficked there and being held captive. After talking with them it appears that they are there under their own will and even do visa runs to Macau to stay another month. Finally, you can give them a tip, but are not expected to (no Asian man), sometimes I do give them $50 and they are always very pleased with this.
There really isn’t much else going on along Temple Street aside from a couple Crab restaurants. The night market itself, along with the proper stores, does have some good deals on electronics. So it’s definitely worth checking out if you want to do to some shopping.
Yau Ma Tei (pronounced Yow-Ma-Tay)
The area of Yau Ma Tei spans from Prince Edward MTR (North) and Tsim Tsa Shui (South), this whole area is infested with sex and I would recommend you walk the whole area. You will see plenty of freelancers standing around. The knock of the freelancers is that ALL of them are PRCs so you can forget about them speaking English.
Along with the freelancers there are several spa/massage type places. Full service is certainly on the menu and the prices are in the $500-1000 range. The most famous place is one called 37 Dundas Street, I’ve been there once and the price I was quoted was roughly $500. I did not partake because all the women they showed me were a little on the old side.

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