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Thank you for the questions, both good and not so good! Everybody has a different opinion on my sort of work, so I'm enjoying reading all of it.
EDIT: Still answering, I'm sorry it's taking so long. My inbox is absolutely flooded, so I'll definitely get to you at some point. Patience, reddit. Your time will come.
1)How does society treat you, and others in the industry like you in general? 2)Did you meet your partner before or after you began work in the sex industry?
2) Before. We discussed the idea beforehand, as I'd decided that I did not want to rely on him for money. He was iffy, I did it anyway, and now he hasn't got a problem with it. He also likes hearing my weird stories after I come home.
EDIT: Let me be clear. He wasn't iffy about my working. He was iffy about whether or not I was safe, and the work was consensual.
How often do you enjoy the sex? What made you go into prostitution? How much is sex?
Occasionally. If you're a client of mine though,as far as you know, I always enjoy it. :P.
Being in this industry, you're a better actor than most of hollywood.
The charge depends on the brothel, honestly. You could get a 60 dollar 'hand relief' service at one of the ones I worked at, whereas the highest I've ever had charged was 290 for the hour.
Do your parents know? What's your relationship with them like? When did you lose your virginity?
No. I don't have a bad relationship with them, it's more that I dont want them to worry too much. They are old fashioned and live out of state, so it's fairly easy to keep it a secret.
Virginity was lost at 18, believe it or not. 😛 Mostly out of a lack of interest in sex.
Have you ever had a client who didn't actually want sex and just wanted to talk or something?
Some guys come in and want a companion over a hooker, and that's fine with me. My job description is to make people orgasm, but if they'd rather have a few snuggles over an hour and just talk, that's perfectly okay with me.
Do they still get charged the same?
Yes. Sadly, the house charges a certain amount to begin with, and I can't change that. On the flipside though, I don't charge them anything extra, and I still complete the massage part of the service on them if they want it. Otherwise, I think they're happy having someone to be affectionate with, so it doesn't bother them.
Can they come to your home, or do they have to come to the brothel where all they prostitutes hang out at? What is the actual building of the brothel like? Is it just like a hotel, or what?
If you have a client come to your home, it counts as private sex work rather than sex work at a licensed brothel. I keep my nose out of the private work for safety reasons. You're completely alone out there. So they come to the brothel for me. :P.
Most of the brothels I have worked at have a few themed rooms. But yes, a hotel is something that would be a good comparison. The sheets are always clean, the rooms are spotless when I'm working in them, and I'm like a housekeeper, but better because boobies. :P.
Edit: Also, it's usually quite dark inside a brothel.
So like, are the brothels you work at fully legal or sort of just ignored by police? Cause I think in WA prostitution is illegal, but there are some brothels ignored by police. I guess if you work in NSW, I think its fully legal there. Also, whats the usual fee at the place you work? Are there like higher end more expensive brothels compared to others?
Fully legal. As far as I know, it's also illegal in SA too, but I am in neither of those states. :P.
There are, for example, one brothel will charge 250 for an hour, while others will charge 300, depending on location and the quality of the girls working there. That's about as deep as I can go into the service charges I think.
Do return customers get discounts on like the tenth visit or something like that?
Not as far as I know. That's part of management's thing. I know some brothels offer a special discount club promo though, I just don't know how it works at all.
What's the strangest request a john has given you?
It boils down between a couple. The first was a client who, rather than wanting sex, wanted to dry hump my back while still wearing underwear and jeans, and walk out with a massive cumstain on his trousers.
The second was an absolute pain slut, and loved humiliation. There was literally nothing I could do that would make him hurt too much, and he came with my fist in his ass. Minding this, I have a standard policy of no blood play to prevent injury to the client or myself, and to make sure that no disease is spread by blood contact, so I have to be extremely careful when servicing these clients.
Do you have any female clients?
Rarely. Veeeeery rarely. Usually if a girl is coming into a brothel, it's for a job and not to get laid. It has happened though.
Similarly, what about couples?
Once again, rarely. We had a couple call up a few weeks ago, then chicken out after they got to the brothel.

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