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Jacobean and Caroline Drama.
Summaries of major plays.
The Knight of the Burning Pestle.
a comedy by Beaumont.
Set in a London theatre, where the actors are about to start a play called "The London Merchant". A grocer, George, and his wife interrupt from the audience and demand a play where their apprentice Ralph can have a part. He becomes a Grocer-errant (instead of Knight-errant) with a burning pestle on his shield, and rescues the prisoners of Barbarossa (a barber-surgeon). The original play continues at the same time, with the story of how a merchant’s apprentice Jasper Merrythought wins his master’s daughter Luce Venturewell.
Philaster; or, Love Lies A-Bleeding.
a romantic tragi-comedy by Beaumont & Fletcher.
Set in Sicily. The deposed heir Philaster loves Arethusa, the daughter of the usurping king. She loves him but her father wants her to marry Pharamond, a prince from Spain. Philaster gives her Bellario, a page-boy he has found, to bring messages to him. When Arethusa responds coldly to Pharamond, he begins an affair with Megra, a naughty court lady. Megra spreads false rumours about Arethusa and Bellario that Philaster believes. He grows mad with jealousy and distrust. Finally, after he has tried to kill both of them in a forest, he realizes that they have been true to him. He marries Arethusa, and discovers that Bellarios was in fact the daughter of a Sicilian lord in love with him. She will never marry. The king restores his kingdom to Philaster.
The Maid’s Tragedy.
a romantic tragedy by Beaumont & Fletcher.
Set in Rhodes. The king asks Amintor to break his engagement to Aspatia and marry Evadne, who is sister to his friend Melantius. On their wedding night, Evadne reveals that she is the king’s mistress, cannot sleep with him, wants him to pretend they are married. He later tells Melantius, who urges his sister, now repentant, to kill the king. The wretched Aspatia laments in famous lines: "And the trees about me, Let them be dry and leafless; let the rocks Groan with continual surges; and behind me Make all a desolation". She disguises herself as her brother, fights a duel with Amintor, who wounds her; as she is dying, Evadne arrives from killing the king, hoping now to be accepted by Amintor but he spurns her and she kills herself. Aspatia reveals her identity and dies. Amintor kills himself.
A King and No King.
a tragi-comedy by Beaumont & Fletcher.
Mainly set in Iberia. Arbaces the king of Iberia has defeated Tigranes, king of Armenia, after long years of war. Arbaces wants Tigranes to marry his sister Panthea, who has grown up in his absence. Only Tigranes loves Spaconia, whom he sends ahead to Iberia to ask Panthea not to accept him. On seeing the adult Panthea, both men fall in love with her. The incestuous love of Arbaces is reciprocated. Disaster seems imminent. Suddenly Gobrias, who has been ruling the kingdom during the absence of Arbaces, confesses that Arbaces is his own son, and "no king", that Panthea is the true heir to the throne of Iberia. They are free to marry, Tigranes is reconciled with Spaconia.
Beggar’s Bush (1622)
a comedy by Fletcher & Massinger.
Set in and around Bruges (Belgium). Florenz is heir to Flanders but does not know it; he is living as a rich merchant in Bruges. He loves Bertha; she is heiress of Brabant but does not know it; she has been stolen away and placed with the mayor of Bruges. Florenz’s father, Gerrard, the earl of Flanders, has been driven from his lands by Wolfort and is living as the leader of a band of beggars near Bruges, while he watches over Florenz. Wolfort wants to marry Bertha in order to gain Brabant. He sends a nobleman, Hubert, to get Bertha for him; Hubert loves Jacqueline, Gerrard’s daughter, who is living with her father among the beggars. He joins the beggars, helps Gerrard capture Wolfort, and all is well. Florenz and Bertha marry.
The Island Princess (1619)
a heroic tragi-comedy by Fletcher & Massinger.
Set in the Moluccan island of Tidore. The pagan princess Quisara’s father has been imprisoned by a tyrant. She loves the Portuguese commander Ruy Dias but offers to marry whoever frees her father. Another Portuguese, Armusia, does this, however, and she urges Ruy Dias to have him killed. Armusia is so noble in his attitude that Ruy Dias repents and saves him from execution while Armusia, equally impressed by Armusia’s virtue, is converted to Christianity and marries him. Her father is restored and the tyrant exiled.
The Humorous Lieutenant (1619)
a comedy by Fletcher & Massinger.
Set in Syria. A prince, Demetrius is in love with Celia, a prisoner, His father, Antigonus king of Syria also falls in love with her. Demetrius goes off to war, his father tries to seduce Celia in vain. She loves Demetrius. When Demetrius returns, Antigonus tells him that Celia is dead; he shuts himself up is despair. Meanwhile Antigonus tries to gain Celia’s love by a love-potion but fails; he is finally so impressed by her loyalty and virtue that he restores her to his son. There is a subplot involving a comic lieutenant who is marvelously brave when he thinks he is sick, but his courage fails him when he is well. He drinks the love-potion intended for Celia and falls in love with the king.

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