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Yaletown's nightlife is ultra-trendy, epitomized by the celebrity hotspot OPUS Bar (at the Opus Hotel), the always-crowded Bar None and the "Hey, isn't that a Canucks player?" Glowbal. If you want to dress up, sip pricey cocktails and see-and-be-seen, this is the Vancouver nightlife district for you!
Local Pubs, Chic Cocktails & Dancing in Historic Gastown.
When it comes to Vancouver nightlife, no district is as diverse as the always-evolving Gastown. Vancouver's historic centre, Gastown's nightlife runs the gamut from casual, local pubs like the Irish Heather to the sophisticated, urban-chic cocktail spots at L'Abattoir and The Diamond.
Crowds in Gastown are diverse, too. Cocktail bars and pubs attract all ages, while dance clubs like The Lamplighter and The Blarney Stone skew younger.
Recent Conversations.
Prostitution Areas in Toronto.
Taha A. North York, ON 0 friends 3 reviews.
Okay, So one Saturday late night, I took a drive around Toronto to see how my Toronto's downtown area is in the dead of night. I drove past Jarvis Street and apparently I got shocked (and scared) to see hookers waiting at a street corner at 2am on a Saturday night. all alone and standing there like prey :-O . One came up to my car, and I declined (it was a scary experience).
Stephanie C. Toronto, ON 254 friends 290 reviews.
Yeah, that's one area. I'm not sure if it stretches all along Jarvis but near Wellesley, there are some.
Toronto doesn't have a red light district but a lot of them are based there. Also a lot of them are trannies working as prostitutes.
Christine C. Etobicoke, ON 305 friends 155 reviews.
Spend a lot of time driving around these particular hoods at this time of night? Hmmmmm. sure your name isn't John?
Danielle E. Toronto, ON 176 friends 93 reviews.
This thread cracks me up, I live right around these areas, and as I came home at 3:00am last night was astonished by the sheer number of them. Spreading from Moss Park all the way up to Bloor. It was busy busy busy last night.
Zahir P. Scarborough, ON 26 friends 27 reviews.
Danielle, when you say "spreading" you mean geographically, right?
Dishan W. Brampton, ON 251 friends 496 reviews Elite ’18.
I had to go looking for a gas pump over this last spring on Jarvis and (I think) Wellesley/Carlton and pulled up to one thinking it was operational and found out that it was closed (this was around 1am) and a definite prostitute just materialized right in front of my parked car and shocked the hell out of me.
Eye contact was made and swiftly awerted, I'm glad she got the hint.
Tony F. Toronto, ON 224 friends 441 reviews Elite ’18.
@Danielle: stay outta Moss Park or Allen Park at night. A buddy of mine (who's 6'2 and about 210) and his girlfriend got mugged there a decade ago.. and well.. it's a well known spot for problems at night. I grew up playing tennis and baseball at that field.
Kat F. Toronto, ON 423 friends 996 reviews.
Tony F. Toronto, ON 224 friends 441 reviews Elite ’18.
I was going to reference Hooker Harvey's! LoL.
Payam Z. Toronto, ON 208 friends 416 reviews Elite ’18.
Are you new to the city?
Paul S. Toronto, ON 76 friends 57 reviews.
Any city at 2:00 AM can be a little scary, but Toronto? One need not look any further than the back pages of 'Now' or 'Eye Weekly' to find hookers these days.
Min Min T. Waterloo, ON 74 friends 356 reviews.
I used to work at one of the schools near Victoria Park Station. The principle told me that there was a big school bus that dropped off the prostitutes at night and then pick them up before sunrise. Obviously I've never seen them and would not be in that area at that time of day, but that's another area for pickups – near Kingston Road in the east end.
Chung W. Richmond Hill, ON 11 friends 10 reviews.
I remember being in high school taking urban studies and our teacher mentioning that previous student's saw some prostitutes in an alley near Jarvis Collegiate on the field/study tip to view downtown. I also remember working downtown late and the old donut shop on church had a lot of hookers too.
Karl R. Burlington, ON 261 friends 969 reviews Elite ’18.
I always wondered if the proximity of Toronto's titular red light zone and the gay village (which used to be called "the gay ghetto") is a mere coincidence or a kind of co-evolution. A city might decide you can't beat the world's oldest profession and have unofficial higher tolerance zones, like the Jarvis stretch. It would then seem safe to open gay establishments (not well tolerated by the cops in, say, the 1960s and 1970s) a street over. If the cops are going to tolerate street walkers, it would be hard then for them to beat an inconsistency rap by busting gay bars.
Elaine K. Markham, ON 163 friends 930 reviews Elite ’18.
"Uhm, so where do you find all the hookers in Toronto? You know, so I can avoid those areas."
Vivek S. Oakland, United States 513 friends 700 reviews.
Karl said "titular." heheheh.
Chung W. Richmond Hill, ON 11 friends 10 reviews.

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Also charged are Trayvin Donnell Lewis , 18, and Monee Duepre Atkinson , 17.
Menstuff® is actively compiling information, books and resources on the issue of gangs.
The Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath.
The video is a compilation of stories and responses, based on important work by organizations including Center for Health and Gender Equity-Change ( ), the Global Network of Sex Worker Projects ( and Asia Pacific Network of Sex Work Projects ( ). The movie “Taking The Pledge,”( ) introduced activists around the world to the effects, and challenges to the Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath.
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For example, Weimar Germany, devastated by the worldwide financial collapse of the 1930’s and saddled with an insurmountable war debt, quickly became a moral wasteland. As fortunes crumbled and the future seemed hopeless, the basic rules governing social interaction evaporated and Berlin became a destination for sex tourists, not unlike today’s Bankok.
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Prostitution: Solutions For A Global Problem.
All countries have sizable domestic populations of women engaged in prostitution, ranging from .25 to 1.5 percent of the population in Asia and the United States.1 Much larger percentages of men, however, are paying for sex. Ninety five percent of Thai men and seventy percent of men living in London have at some point in their life have purchased sex.2 And large numbers of the men abuse the women they interact with, indeed violence is endemic to the life of a prostitute.3 In Canada, “women and girls in prostitution had a mortality rate 40 times higher than the national average.”4 In the United States, it is estimated that seventy percent of prostitutes annually experience multiple rapes,some women are raped once a week.5.
Large numbers of women engaged in prostitution began as minors having been tricked or coerced into such by parents, traffickers, partners and pimps. In the United States the average age for entering prostitution lies around fourteen, while in Asia it is well below eighteen.6 Similarly, it is estimated that over a quarter of prostitutes in urban areas in the United States, Cambodia, Jamaica and India are minors.7.
Along with being manipulated as children, poverty is the primary economic incentive that drives women to participate in prostitution, whether directly, or through following the false promises of employment offered by sex traffickers. It is reported, for example, that eighty five percent of Russian women are unemployed, and many of those who have jobs are expected to sleep with their employers.8 But, hopes of economic independence at best quickly turn into highly exploitative situations, and at worse turn into indentured servitude.
It is estimated that ninety percent of prostitution is controlled by pimps, who receive between fifty and one hundred percent of the revenue generated.9 One pimp/bar owner in Japan, for example, makes US$85,000 monthly from prostituting trafficked women, who receive zero profit.10.
In countries that serve as depots for sex-tourist, the relative incomes for prostitution can be very high, resulting in families selling their daughters to pimps and traffickers, the sex sector generates from two to fourteen percent of GDP in South Asian countries.11 The girls involved receive little of this money as it is siphoned back to male family heads in rural areas.12 The International Labor Organization reports that in Thailand “close to US$300 million is transferred annually to rural families by women working in the sex sector, a sum that exceeds the budgets of government-funded development programmes.”13 In the United States, girls involved in prostitution can generate over five hundred dollars an evening, but usually receive less than five percent of such, from their pimps.14.

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Prices at private apartments per hour are usually lower than at night clubs (from 1000 to 2000 CZK per hour). In the street the prices are lower and the price for vaginal sex is around 1000 CZK or oral sex around 500 CZK, but it may even be much lower – depending on the situation of the woman, how far she wants to go, and how badly she needs the money.
There are known examples when girls were so desperate that they offered their services only for food or drug.
The average monthly income of a prostitute in a sex club differs also according to the “season”. Each woman considers the “high season” a different time of year, since it also depends on the place where she works and her own situation.
According to a 2009 quantitative survey, almost half of the respondents in the “high season” had an average monthly income of 50 thousand Czech crowns. The income of more than a quarter of the respondents was between 30 and 50 thousand Czech crowns. A minority of women earned 10 to 30 thousand crowns per month.
In the off-season the women in general had a lower income. Only 19% of the respondents claimed to have an income above 50 thousand crowns in this period.
According to information available on the internet, the prices for 30 minutes in a private apartment are around 800 to 1500 CZK, while some women ask for less, such as 700 CZK. An hour costs 1300 to 1500 CZK, and two hours above 3000 CZK. Most prostitutes charge around 8000 CZK for a whole night.
Escort services are more expensive. These are services where the prostitute arrives at a destination selected by the customer. The price also depends on the distance; usually it is between 1500 and 3000 CZK per hour of “classical services”.
According to the police, the problem is that verbal offering of sexual services cannot be punished. Getting the evidence is a problem. Yet street prostitution is on the decrease in Prague as it gradually moves to private apartments and clubs, where prostitution can actually not be proven at all, as the police analysis says.
Lanka Informer on Pro/Night.
Cascades – Night club of Colombo Plaza ( former Oberoi)
Russian women – USD 100 per night.
Chinese Medical center –
Abdul Caffoor Mawatha ( off Duplication Road)
Chinese girls – SLR 1500 (USD 15) for 45 min massage + 1500 for full service.
Moon Night Club – 18/1, Sellamuttu Avenue, Kollupitiya (Road between two halfs of Hotel Renuka) Next to Tropicana Beach Hotel.
Chinese Girls (good quality- SLR 5000 per 1 Hour SLR 10000 Full Night. Till next morning 8.30. Room at Tropicana Beach Hotel SLR 1650 (A/C, Hot Water)
Liberty Plaza – Room No – 4/3, 4 th Floor (Apartments) Sri lankan Girls – Rs 3000 to 5000 . Extra Rs 2000 you can get threesome Fully night at your place Rs 10000. Russian girls – Rs 6000 Massage parlors Grand orient hotel – Col -1 Plamira Avenue Col – 3 Ceylon Inn Col – 6 Kandy – Galkanda Rd near Aniwatte Rd ( Vill or Inn) Sri Lankan girls – USD25 All inclusive Havelock Road after passing Dickmans Rosd there is a Dulux Sign and a Kinjou Restaurant. After passing there is small gate Sri Lankan Girl – Rs 2000 – 3000 Ballys Casino – Thai Girls USD80 – 100 Rest House, Fredrica Rd Wellawatte. Bar Girls –Rs 3000 Green Inn Galle Road near the Junction with Vajira Rd in Bambalapitiya. Sri Lankan girls – Rs 3000 full services Colonial Holiday Villa Unawatuna Sri Lankan girls Rs 1250 – 2000 3hours Omega Inn (near Dehiwela bridge on land side) 6 th floor.
Yahoo!-ABC News Network | © 2018 ABC News Internet Ventures. All rights reserved.
Albanian Girls Trafficked For Sex.
In the tiny and very poor village of Fushara in northern Albania, the girls are disappearing.
Frane Bicaku’s teenage daughter, Valentina, vanished from their home more than a year ago. She hasn’t been heard from since.
Gjin Lleshi lost two daughters: one was 15 and the other 17. He says they were taken by men who promised to marry them. Instead, the girls wound up as teenage prostitutes on the streets of Italy, smuggled there by the Albanian mafia.
It happens almost every day, in just about every village and town in Albania.
“They are kidnapped mostly,” says Lydia Bici of the International Catholic Migration Commission. “The minors are mostly kidnapped from discos or bars or the streets [and] even from the schools.”
In some villages, families have stopped sending their teenage girls to school, fearing they could be kidnapped and taken to a world they can hardly imagine.
“A majority, it seems like, of the women who are trafficked are under 18 years old,” says Sophie Mosko of Save the Children. “They’re demanded younger and younger in the sex trade because there’s less fear of AIDS.”
There are now about 30,000 Albanian prostitutes walking the streets of Europe. In a country of only about 3 million people, that is almost 1 percent of the Albanian population. It is believed that most of these prostitutes were trafficked into Europe as children.
Forced Into Prostitution.
Two years ago, 15-year-old Mariana Lleshi was lured away from her home by a local shop owner who said he wanted to take her to Italy and marry her. For three weeks her parents heard nothing from her.

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Thank you for the questions, both good and not so good! Everybody has a different opinion on my sort of work, so I'm enjoying reading all of it.
EDIT: Still answering, I'm sorry it's taking so long. My inbox is absolutely flooded, so I'll definitely get to you at some point. Patience, reddit. Your time will come.
1)How does society treat you, and others in the industry like you in general? 2)Did you meet your partner before or after you began work in the sex industry?
2) Before. We discussed the idea beforehand, as I'd decided that I did not want to rely on him for money. He was iffy, I did it anyway, and now he hasn't got a problem with it. He also likes hearing my weird stories after I come home.
EDIT: Let me be clear. He wasn't iffy about my working. He was iffy about whether or not I was safe, and the work was consensual.
How often do you enjoy the sex? What made you go into prostitution? How much is sex?
Occasionally. If you're a client of mine though,as far as you know, I always enjoy it. :P.
Being in this industry, you're a better actor than most of hollywood.
The charge depends on the brothel, honestly. You could get a 60 dollar 'hand relief' service at one of the ones I worked at, whereas the highest I've ever had charged was 290 for the hour.
Do your parents know? What's your relationship with them like? When did you lose your virginity?
No. I don't have a bad relationship with them, it's more that I dont want them to worry too much. They are old fashioned and live out of state, so it's fairly easy to keep it a secret.
Virginity was lost at 18, believe it or not. 😛 Mostly out of a lack of interest in sex.
Have you ever had a client who didn't actually want sex and just wanted to talk or something?
Some guys come in and want a companion over a hooker, and that's fine with me. My job description is to make people orgasm, but if they'd rather have a few snuggles over an hour and just talk, that's perfectly okay with me.
Do they still get charged the same?
Yes. Sadly, the house charges a certain amount to begin with, and I can't change that. On the flipside though, I don't charge them anything extra, and I still complete the massage part of the service on them if they want it. Otherwise, I think they're happy having someone to be affectionate with, so it doesn't bother them.
Can they come to your home, or do they have to come to the brothel where all they prostitutes hang out at? What is the actual building of the brothel like? Is it just like a hotel, or what?
If you have a client come to your home, it counts as private sex work rather than sex work at a licensed brothel. I keep my nose out of the private work for safety reasons. You're completely alone out there. So they come to the brothel for me. :P.
Most of the brothels I have worked at have a few themed rooms. But yes, a hotel is something that would be a good comparison. The sheets are always clean, the rooms are spotless when I'm working in them, and I'm like a housekeeper, but better because boobies. :P.
Edit: Also, it's usually quite dark inside a brothel.
So like, are the brothels you work at fully legal or sort of just ignored by police? Cause I think in WA prostitution is illegal, but there are some brothels ignored by police. I guess if you work in NSW, I think its fully legal there. Also, whats the usual fee at the place you work? Are there like higher end more expensive brothels compared to others?
Fully legal. As far as I know, it's also illegal in SA too, but I am in neither of those states. :P.
There are, for example, one brothel will charge 250 for an hour, while others will charge 300, depending on location and the quality of the girls working there. That's about as deep as I can go into the service charges I think.
Do return customers get discounts on like the tenth visit or something like that?
Not as far as I know. That's part of management's thing. I know some brothels offer a special discount club promo though, I just don't know how it works at all.
What's the strangest request a john has given you?
It boils down between a couple. The first was a client who, rather than wanting sex, wanted to dry hump my back while still wearing underwear and jeans, and walk out with a massive cumstain on his trousers.
The second was an absolute pain slut, and loved humiliation. There was literally nothing I could do that would make him hurt too much, and he came with my fist in his ass. Minding this, I have a standard policy of no blood play to prevent injury to the client or myself, and to make sure that no disease is spread by blood contact, so I have to be extremely careful when servicing these clients.
Do you have any female clients?
Rarely. Veeeeery rarely. Usually if a girl is coming into a brothel, it's for a job and not to get laid. It has happened though.
Similarly, what about couples?
Once again, rarely. We had a couple call up a few weeks ago, then chicken out after they got to the brothel.

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