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The roots suck
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Prostitution in Goa began came to rise due to the prostitution racket in Baina, Vasco. The women here were mainly from Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala and many more states of India. The place was divided into slums or “gallis” known as Andhra galli, Karnataka galli, Kerala galli and so on. After tearing down of Baina’s red light area in 2004 prostitutes were promised rehabilitation but the Government failed to keep up to their promise. It is like “old wine in a new bottle”. The business is the same but the girls are now better educated and pimps are using latest technology to operate and attract high paying clients. From then, prostitutes spread all over the state of Goa. They are almost in all the cities in the North and South of Goa carrying out the trade on a full swing in Lodges, Hotels, Massage Parlours, Cyber Cafe’s, Call Centres, Fishing Trawlers, Shacks, Highways, Slums, Residential Areas, Interior Hidden Places, Clubs, Beaches, Hostels, Paying Guest Homes and many more places. Taxi drivers, Motorcycle Pilots, Waiters, Chai boys, Beach Hawkers are contact points.
Increasing number of events and festivals. Tourism on the rise Easy to bribe cops. No strict laws and regulations Politicians support for votes Increase in need for migrant labour as means for employment.
Brothel based prostitution: Baina & Margao Street based prostitution: Vasco, Margao, Colva, Panjim, Calangute, Anjuna Hotel based prostitution: All over Goa Vehicle based prostitution: North & South Goa- Tourist belt and crowded market areas.
Traffickers are the people involved to get sex workers in Goa and the trafficked people are the victims.
Brothel keepers previously operating in Baina Few pilots (Two wheeler taxi) and taxi owners Few hotels and lodges in the tourist areas and on the highways – Karwar, Mollem & Sawantwadi.
Mostly in Goa the target of action is not the traffickers but the trafficked victims. Most of the offences booked are against trafficked victims and not against the traffickers. Trafficked victims are arrested but no customer, pimp, transport agent, lodge owner; hotel owner, taxi owner, etc are arrested, though the law is very clear that those who commercialize prostitution and those who benefit from the earning from prostitution are committing an offence.
The police have registered a few cases. But a majority escaped from the hands of the police. Prostitution in South Goa is mainly in Margao, Vasco, Canacona, Curchorem, Curtorim, Colva, Benaulim, Sanguem, Ponda and the coastal belt. There are many prostitutes loitering around in search for bait. The police identify them through the obscene hand gestures, vulgar body acts and facial expressions made by them. The prostitute women caught were mostly from districts of Rajmandhi and Vishakapatanam in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and sadly a few from Goa as well. They mainly are from the age group of 35-50. But child and teen prostitutes are preferred due to their virginity and less risk of transmition of AIDS and Sexually transmitted diseases. The customers are men from other states who migrate to Goa as migrant labourers and other backward men. They are from the age group of 20-60. Goans are also involved in as customers but mainly act as traffickers or brothels for earning by means of sex trade. Goan women get into prostitution mainly due to poor standard of living.
The female prostitutes including Goans earning higher incomes are usually found in massage parlours, beach side shacks, cyber cafe’s, beauty parlours, hotels in Goa. They use cars as means of obtaining customers and shelter in luxury hotels for their business. These are less caught by the police. Tourist prostitutes are also found in the same category and are found mostly on beach areas, shacks, hotels situated on the coastal belt.
Some of the examples of traffickers in the coastal belt:
Brothel in Benaulim carrying out sex trade and customers are mostly locals of South Goa. Almost 7-8 dogs are kept outside as means of protection. Almost all the shacks and shops on the Colva Beach are major traffickers and agents for sex trade. Even the taxi drivers and motorcycle pilots are involved in this racket. 49’ers is a major prostitution spot in Colva.
Navelim case happened in a closed house in Fradilem Old market- 3 cases Gandhi market- 4 cases.
19 people were arrested in this year among the registered cases of which 6 were male customers and 13 were females involved in the case.
Hotel Goa Land, near the flyover, Margao- 3cases Hotel Tandoor, Margao- 2 cases Near flyover over Bridge, Margao Near Hari Mandir, Margao Karishma Hotel, Margao- 2 cases.
18 accused were arrested in this year among the registered cases of which 6 were male customers and 12 were females involved. 4 females were rescued by the police and sent to the NGO named Positive People.
Shezer Hotel, Khareband, Margao- 6 cases Hotel Goa Land, Near flyover, Margao- 4 cases Hotel Karishma, Margao.

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